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Where do the hits come from?
Each member can earn more hits by surfing the start page you are given.
When members surf they see other sites in the network and that is where the hits come from.

How many credits do I earn from my referrals?
We offer four levels of referrals, the first is your direct referral and the rest are people that they refer.
From your direct referrals, you get 100 hits when they sign up. Plus you make 10% of the hits your referrals earn.

How fast will I get my hits?
Since the hits are actually done by all the users it is not certain how fast hits might be used.
It is completely random so we can not make promises as to how fast your hits will be used.
However, to activate your account you need to surf 20+ times and to get your hits used faster you should surf 50+ times every 7 days.

Why does it say my account is "INACTIVE"?
You need to surf at least 20 times to permanently activate your account.

How long do I have to view each site before I get credit?
Just 15 seconds.

Can I have pop-ups or pop-unders or Alerts on my site that is listed?
Yes, but only one per page listed.

What if my site can't be loaded into frames?
You CAN NOT list sites on that will break out of TopSurfer's frame.

How many accounts can I have?
We only allow one account per computer, per person, per company, per listing (whatever the case may be).

I still haven't received a confirmation email, why?
First of all make sure that there is nothing wrong with your email address that you entered. If you entered it wronge try it again. Also sometimes the mail services are slow and ussually it can take up to 10 minutes.
You can always ask it to resend it.

When I surf using the start page you gave me, I always see the same site, how come?
It could be the settings on your computer.
Try CLICKING HERE to go to this page to check your settings.

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