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Solo Ads/Email Blasts/Opt-In Emailing

A solo-ad or Email Blast or Opt-In Emailing is an email that is sent out to an entire list of members.
At TopSurfer we call them "solo-ads" and all solo-ads are sent out to active TopSurfer members
that have opted-in to a membership at TopSurfer and agreed to receive emails from us.
Actually our email list is made up of members that have double opted in.
The difference is that Opt-In means that the person submitted their email address,
double opt in means that they had to confirm their email address by clicking a link in it.
At our members earn advertising credits and money by viewing our solo-ads.
Our members arew generally very responsive to the solo-ads.
Even though we allow people everywhere to be members of we have found that
the largest percentage live in North America so the majority speak English.
We require all advertising done on TopSurfer to be in English.
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