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Stan Your Customer Service is Incredible! It is Amazing how Great you handle the TopSurfer Contact US Feature. As you know I have contacted you many times and you have came through for me time and time again!

Stan Runs a Great Special many times so you should never miss out on it!
If you can you should get the 12 months it is the best value.
You will get 560 days (over 18 months) 74,400 TopSurfer Hit Credits & 24 Newsletter Ads and much more.

If anyone is thinking about joining do it! Dont think twice! If you are now advertising you must add TopSurfer to the blend. A TopSurfer WholeSale Membership is a must! If TopSurfer had a "Rate Us" on the site and the choices are one to five stars I would select Five Stars for Stan Thompson and TopSurfer.

Louis, Jr.

To Stan and the Topsurfer team – WOW is all I can say.
I have been networking some time now and never have I had such a good response from a solo ad than we get with yours!
Anyone out there that needs exposure for your programs – USE TOPSURFER! You won’t regret it! Take it from me – you can’t buy better.

Michelle Wruk
CEO EasyBid Online Auctions – Where you can bid, buy, list and sell FREE!

ClaudiPass (12K)Topsurfer is just awesome. I joined a little while ago, just for the free membership. I love that cute bingo-surfbar. I won 2500 Hits last time!!! And the best thing, for just 2000 credits you can send out a message to ALL the members.
Some days ago, I noticed a great offer to get wholesale member - a PRO member so to say - for just $10. Well, I thought I try it out for JUST one month - but now, that I see the pros and results of this membership - I don't want to be a free member again. You have your own bribe-page and you can post a link that appears randomly on the topsurfer website - mine was already displayed for about 5000 times! It's great! Thanks for this great traffic-exchanger!

Claudia R., Germany

I have recently purchased the wholesale up grade package and just wanted to say how impressed I am with both the offer and what I have received. The advertising credits included in this package is enough alone to justify the minimal cost; but when I checked out the software I was also given access to I was surprised at both the quantity and over all value of these programs.

What's more the 10 dollar price I payed I can recover 100% by simply selling this amazing package to others. Not once; but over and over again as long as I am a wholesale member. Needless to say I immediately paid for next months membership and I highly recommend this deal to others.

Thanks for everything!

Mark E.

familypic8 (35K) Over the last couple of years I have signed up for at least 20 different traffic exchanges, but most of those I used for only a day or two after joining then never surfed with them again because they were boring. Topsurfer is the only traffic exchange that I use consistently, because it is fun to surf and it always works flawlessly. Topsurfer is definitely the most creative traffic exchange site on the web.

Kyle R.

cal (43K) I've been with TOPSURFER for three years. In that three years I've put in request as to the type of surf bar I liked best, because at times I would rather use the simple surf bar, without the extras for easier surfing. Thank you topsurfer for getting right on it and setting the simple surfbar up for me.
I also like the cost of all topsurfer's extras as well as the wholesale option.
I have been with and am presently with many hitexchanges but there are none as strong and consistantly online as topsurfer at the prices they make available to me, not to mention all the extras that go with the wholesale membership.

Thanks topsurfer for hanging in there and keeping my hits going, without burning them up in one or two days, like all the other hit exchanges do, as they try to get more money out of me.
You forsure know how to run a hitexchange so it doesn't burn up my hits worthlesly.

Your satisfied surfer

Top surfer is a great place to surf. I have been to sites where you have to surf over 100 pages just to make 1 cent. With top surfer they cut that in half and then some. Ever since I signed up with top surfer my bandwidth is just about all used up from topsurfer sending me visiters and them downloading some of my files. Good place, I recommend it to anyone who is looking for cash or money. - Lilweeman

I am so impressed with what all I get for my $10 wholesale membersip. Not only do I get many free visitors to my website, but I also make 100% resale rights and keep 100% of each and every upgrade. And your newsletter ads are the best! Everytime I run one I get so many hits to my website! I just wish I'd found out about your wholesale membership sooner!

Paula F.

I am member "ztian", and I have been a free member of TopSurfer for a while..It was the first Traffic Exchange I joined, and I use it still. Actually it is my favourite when it comes to surfing, with the many surf bar options. The chat bar sometimes make me stop surfing and just chatting though heeh...But I know a lot of people from there where some of them have made great impact on my marketing. I am not an wholesale member, yet, but it have always attracted me:) I really love TopSurfer!
...I just upgraded to wholesale and boy, I enjoy it all!

Have a great day!

Stian F.

I am new to TopSurfer and I have to say I am impressed! I have found the Wholesale Membership Program to be very easy to promote and sell. I recommend TopSurfer to anyone looking to get the most out of their advertising dollar.

Shane B.

I want to thank you for allowing me to be a Wholesale Member. What you offer for $10 would cost a minimum of $50 elsewhere. What is even greater is the response I am getting for all the advertising you offer. The one thing I can't understand is why Thousands are not upgrading !!
Best Regards

Jackie F.

I have just started in the doubler market, 2 months now. TopSurfer has been a great asset to me in this endeavor. I am very dilligent at doing my daily surfing.
I use the surf only option and click away earning about 1000 credits a week. I have personally had 52 recruited people in a new doubler this week alone. All thanks to TopSurfer.

TopSurfer You Rock

I have been a wholesale member for a while now and I think other than the ton of great items you give with wholesale memberships the fact that you earn $10.00 with each member that becomes a wholesale member in your downline is unbeleivable. I also love the bribe page and the ads in your newsletter. TopSurfer is great!

Evie W.

I think top surfer is a great page to surf on plus it has got me loads of customers for my ad good luck top surfer

You also have the opportunity to sell Wholesale memberships to other network marketers and get your money back. This has the effect of getting all those hits for free. Plus... if you promote Topsurfer by simply following the minimum requirements of sending at least 2000 visitors to your TopSurfer referral page each month you will either get a free extension on the Wholesale benefits or make your money back. I know it works, because I have been doing it for the past 5 months... and with the exception of the first month, I have actually made a profit from this. Yes, that's right... not only have I gotten all those hits for free... but I am actually making some profits. TopSurfer is in effect, actually paying me to promote my other programs.
Well I hope you can use some of this rambling jumble of words... please feel free to edit anything you like and use it.

James S.
Revolution9... Join the Revolution!

I have been using Topsurfer for approx. 8mths now, there have been some good responses from my ads that I have run.
Topsurfer is easy to use and simple to follow.
WM Happybuddies


Dear Topsurfer...
You are one of our favorite surfing sites. I surf some 20 traffic sites to build traffic to , The Living Music Foundation Web Site. We are non-profit and appreciate the assistance you provide.
My surfing friends and I like the fact that you require only 15 seconds for crediting my account. We also like the simple timer which functions without images, a simple GO> pointing to the place to click. We have actually discussed your superiority on occasion, so I was all primed to write this testimonial when it became needed. It would be helpful if more of the other sites would pattern themselves after your easy-to-surf design.

--Dwight Winenger
CEO Emeritus/webmaster
The Living Music Foundation, Inc.

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